LATEST: Scientific Study Fails On Canaanites In The Holy Bible
The “word on the street” says that scientific evidence says the Holy Bible is wrong about the Canaanites. The reality is some scientists have assumed what the Holy Bible says. Find out the facts, right now.

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Is It Wrong For A Christian To Shame Someone?    Would Jesus shame someone? Are His disciples forbidden to shame others? In this article we will see the Word of God is very clear on this matter.

Good News About Purgatory    Some think there is a stopping point before getting to heaven so we are absolutely clean to get there. To them it sounds logical. Here are the facts.

Is Polygamy Right In The Eyes Of God?    Jacob had two wives and two concubines. Others with multiple wives included Esau, Moses, David and Solomon. However, when we read the New Testament we see monogamy was chiefly practiced by Christian believers. So, has God changed the rules or are most ignoring a principle in understanding the Holy Bible?

Nine Fallacies About Speaking In Tongues    From casual table talk to forums on the Internet, the subject of speaking in tongues (glossolalia) is sometimes the topic of discussion. Concern about the phenomenon ranges from the thought that it is foolishness to the idea that the experience is necessary for salvation. Many who are conscientious about their spiritual well-being want some solid Biblical answers. You will have them in this article.

Why I Gave Up On The New International Version    I am sure that my professors were not personally lying and that they meant well, but apparently they fell for a sales pitch and passed their enthusiasm unto us. However, just over twenty years later I would stand before those whom God had entrusted to me and apologize to them for making the New International Version (NIV) the main translation used by our church and for encouraging them to use it.

Better Than The Confessional Booth    I was greatly relieved the night I surrendered my turbulent life to Christ. God’s peace prevailed in my mind and heart. And, not too long after that, another relief came to my mind in regard to my sins.

The Only Mediator Ordained By God    Hopefully whoever reads this believes there is a God, and the chances are that if you do, you agree with the need to receive His pardon, at least from time to time. The world offers lots of ways for this to happen, as do some religious groups, but what does God Himself say about this matter?

You Can Choose--Choose Wisely    We live in a time when there are many lies circulating, a number of which that can be very devastating. And there is one lie in particular that spiritually cripples a person and makes sure they remain destined for hell. However, the Truth, the Word of God presents us with a fact that foundationally can set anyone free.

Remove The Snakeweed From The Mustard Seed    Enter the words “mustard seed” into a search engine and you will soon come across numerous articles alleging that Jesus Christ was, at the least, mistaken when He spoke of it in Matthew 13:31-32 and Mark 4:30-32. However, in this article we will bring out a point many others have missed in regard to these passages.

You Still Exist After Death    Most Christians, and most people regardless of belief for that matter, will not take exception to the title of this article which states a person exists after death. Yet, I see a need to address that point because though some believe this truth they do not adequately apply it their thinking and conversations with others.

The Deity And Personal Expression Of The Holy Spirit    Most people know that the Holy Bible sometimes refers to God as “the Father,” and in the previous articles{1} God helped me to write, along with many other resources on and off the Internet, the deity of Christ is shown to be declared in the Holy Bible. Let us now explore the written Word of God

Eight Passages That Plainly Show The Deity Of Christ    If you have ever wondered if there are any passages that plainly show Christ is God then look no further. In this article we have eight and if you read them for what they obviously say, it is easy to conclude Christ is God.

The Deity Of Christ Proved By The Attributes Of God    Looking at the Holy Scriptures we see there are certain characteristics that only God has, and that those attributes will never be attained by any other being. True Christianity declares the deity of Christ. Does Christ have the attributes of God?

Did The Cock Crow Once Or Twice?    Most people know the story of Jesus predicting that Peter would deny Him three times before the cock, male fowl, would crow. However, a term is added in the Gospel of Mark that seems to be at odds with the other Gospels.

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